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  • Popolari The first science films

    The first science films

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    Read more: http://technology.newscientist.com/channel/te ch/mg19826581.900Watch cheese mites, juggling flies and other clips from the first science films created in Britain.

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  • 09:18 Popolari Peas and Cues (1930)

    Peas and Cues (1930)

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    This classic film from the long-running 'Secrets of Nature' series shows the birth, life and reproduction of sweet peas - as shown via an enthralling combination of close-up and time-lapse photography, occasionally interspersed with stop-motion animation,

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  • 00:33 Popolari The Birth Of A Flower

    The Birth Of A Flower

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  • 01:50 Popolari Wilhem Pfeffer - Plant Movement

    Wilhem Pfeffer - Plant Movement

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    Wilhem Pfeffer - Studies of plant movement 1898-1900

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